APSA Challenge
Science et Technology - Ethiopia 2018

Technologies and Innovations for Sustainable Development


After deliberation, the Jury Panel of the APSA Challenge – Ethiopia 2018 have come to the following results:

At unanimity,

The 1st Prize of the APSA Challenge - Ethiopia 2018 is awarded to the project

Augmentation and induction monitoring device
Mrs Hana Tilahun, Mrs Hume Degebassa, Mrs Kedija Ali, Mrs Lidiya Wubshet, Mrs Mestawot Bogale, from Ethiopia

“For developing a cost-effective medical monitoring device that meets the needs of midwifes in Africa, and ultimately will save mothers and newborn lives.”

The 2nd Prize of the APSA Challenge - Ethiopia 2018 is awarded to the project

Design and Implementation of an automatic weaving machine
Mr Eirkyihune Eskemech and Mr Yewed Dagne, from Ethiopia

“For automating the traditional African weaving machine, to improve the working condition and enhance the productivity of the local wavers.”

The 3rd Prize of the APSA Challenge - Ethiopia 2018 is awarded to the project

CASAVA, A Bright Future
Mr Tabi Abel Becham Besong, and Mr Chi Kennedy, from Cameroon,

“For automating the traditional Casava processing, to reduce the burden of manual preparation.”

In agreement with APSA Challenge organisers, the 3 first Prizes of the APSA Challenge will be completed by a 4th prize, called the Jury Prize. The Jury Panel created this 4th prize to encourage researchers investigating hot topics with a considerable impact for Africa. The award of the 4th Jury prize is 500 euros.

The Jury prize, or 4th Prize, of the APSA Challenge is shared by 2 projects that address essential issues for the future development of Africa

Agro-Produce Preservation
Mr Fred Kayuki, from Uganda

“For a being a young observer working on an electricity-free cooling system”


Recovery of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from urine: process optimization and reactor development
Mrs Nebiyat Nigusie Woldeyohannis and Mr Johnny Girma, from Ethiopia

“For their work on a locally made fertilizer (struvite) from urine.”

The Jury of the APSA Challenge – Ethiopia 2018 would like to congratulate all participants having reached this stage of the competition.